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Hollow Fiber Membrane Water Filters

Hollow fibre membrane filtration technology delivers the following benefits compared to conventional systems:

• Much finer filtration (from suspended matter to bacteria, to viruses, etc.),
• Excellent water quality produced regardless of feed water quality,
• Membranes with excellent and long-lasting hydrophilic properties to help speed up water circulation, resulting in higher throughput of filtered water for reduced energy consumption,
• Possibility of fully automated filtration systems.

Membrane filtration: widely used in new water treatment plants
Today, membrane filtration is being adopted by many plants for recycling municipal and industrial wastewater, for drinking water, or for pre-treatment in seawater desalination plants. The water is fed at low pressure through thousands of semi-permeable and microporous hollow fibres that retain suspended solids, impurities, bacteria and viruses. One of the materials that are most widely used for these membranes is PVDF.