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Water Booster Pump Systems

PWTSA Water Booster Pump Systems is designed to help achieve flow rates due to high system head. The applications are not limited to high rise buildings, fine spray systems, reticulation of treated water, irrigation, mining and spray systems and various applications that require constant high-pressure water feed.

PWTSA Water Booster Pump System is designed for virtually all residential boosting applications, this system includes a single-speed, totally enclosed fan-cooled motor-driven booster pump with single phase power, as well as a pressure tank, pressure gauge, and check valve. A pressure transducer constantly monitors system pressure and alerts the pump control system to start as water in the system is used and keeps the pump from running dry.

Electronic components are completely separated from piping and waterways for added safety and ease of field repair. In Pressure Mode, the pump starts when water pressure drops and stops on low flow. In Flow Mode, the pump starts and stops by sensing flow. In Conservation Mode, the pump only operates at peak demand, such as multiple showers, bathtubs, or irrigation systems running.