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Chemical Tanks

PWTSA Chemical tanks are storage containers for chemicals. PWTSA Chemical Tanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are used for static storage, processing, mixing, and transport of both raw materials and finished chemical products.

PWTSA Chemical Tanks are available in both horizontal and vertical structures and designs. Both are stored above the ground and enable storing and transporting of your chemical bulk with ease.

PWTSA Chemical Tanks are specifically designed using thicker plastic walls in accordance with the chemicals resistance chart to prevent any leaks or possible bursts. PWTSA is aware of the higher risks posed by chemical materials when reacting with external temperature, consequently, our tanks are manufactured to ensure UV protection. Both vertical and horizontal tanks are available in any colour of your choice.

PWTSA Chemical Tanks, however, are not moveable whilst containing chemical content.
PWTSA Chemical Tanks are high-quality chemical tanks are ideal for all liquid storage in domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.


Media Filtration

Media Filtration