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Containerised Water Treatment Plants

PWTSA Containerised Water Treatment Plants are an optimum and highly flexible way of obtaining drinking water from wells, open resources, side and shore wells, sea and brackish water.

Containerised Water Treatment Plants from PWTSA provides and ensure perfectly clean drinking water for permanent as well as emergency assurance of drinking water according to the strictest hygiene standards. These containerised units are flexible, safe and portable and can be used in a variety of situations. Imagine the relief in a rural area where people are deprived of safe drinking water. This unit can be put anywhere, even next to a river or dam and purify and clean the water quickly and effectively providing clean water to thousands of people.

The technology designed by PWTSA, together with our experience and top-quality components which we use ensure that our customers receive a system with long-term and trouble-free operation with production of high-quality drinking water. PWTSA containerised water units are fully assembled within shipping containers. All containerised solutions are designed and created based on the client’s specific needs. The biggest considerations when designing and creating the containerised unit are that they should be compact, easy to operate, portable and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All requirements are taken into consideration to create the best possible solution to the problem at hand.

The completed containerised treatment units are tested prior to delivery, ensuring a fully functional of PWTSA containerised water plant units will arrive on site, and essentially becomes a ‘plug and play’ type installation thus reducing site installation time.