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Potable Water Plant Containers

PWTSA Containerised Water Plant units are usually needed where there are no buildings or infrastructure where water needs to be treated. This could be anywhere from rural areas, rural schools, mining areas or new building sites.

A secure, parked purifications plant is suggested due to the fact that it can be moved as a unit and therefore relocated easily.

The PWTSA Containerised unit is designed in such a way that it can operate with or without storage tanks. This makes it versatile and flexible. It should also be able to treat a variety of water sources. Including surface water, brackish borehole water, river water and certainly seawater.

The PWTSA Containerised unit must be self-contained, easy to operate and preferably equipped with a generator. Potable Water Plants intake at the treatment plant can come from several different sources. Surface waters come from rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Water sourced from surface areas may have a wide range of chemistries with high mineral and metal contents, which include chloride levels and particulates.

PWTSA Potable Containerised Water Plant create high-grade potable water by using a range of treatment processes. Methods used are based on feed water standards to deliver efficient, high-quality and scalable treatment solutions for communities.

*Rural Areas
*Military camps in remote areas
*Mining: cleaning and recycling water being used in mining processes
*Mining: provides mining workers with clean drinking water