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UV- Ultraviolet Sterilisation

PWTSA Ultraviolet or UV water sterilizers are used in water purification and treatment to make water healthier and prolongs the life of water that has been treated and processed. The word “STERILE” is defined as being free from living germs or microorganisms.

In many systems, redundancy in exposing microorganisms to UV is achieved by circulating the air or water repeatedly. This ensures multiple passes so that the UV is effective against the highest number of microorganisms and will irradiate resistant microorganisms more than once to break them down.

To accurately predict what UV water sterilizers dose will be delivered to the target the UV intensity, adjusted for distance, coating and end of lamp life, will be multiplied by the exposure time. In static applications, the exposure time can be as long as needed for an effective UV dose to be reached. In case of rapidly moving air, in AC air ducts, for example, the exposure time is short, so the UV intensity must be increased by introducing multiple UV lamps or even banks of lamps. Also, the UV installation must be in a long straight duct section with the lamps perpendicular to the airflow to maximize the exposure time.

The PWTSA Ultraviolet Sterilisation is used as a disinfection method for bacteria within the water (rays are used to penetrate harmful pathogens in drinking water)