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Pumping stations are facilities including pumps and equipment for pumping fluids from one place to another.  They are used for a variety of infrastructure systems, such as the supply of water to canals, the drainage of low-lying land, and the removal of sewage to processing sites.  A pumping station is, by definition, an integral part of a pumped-storage hydroelectricity installation.

A package pumping station is an integrated system, built in a housing manufactured from strong, impact-resistant material such as precast concrete, polyethylene, glass-reinforced plastic or containerized.  The unit is supplied with internal pipework fitted, pre-assembled ready for installation into the ground, after which the submersible pumps and control equipment are fitted.  Features may include controls for fully automatic operation; a high-level alarm indication, in the event of pump failure; and possible a guide-rail/auto-coupling/pedestal system, to permit easy removal of pumps for maintenance.

On the containerized option, the mechanical and electrical components are fabricated within a shipping container which will be ready for site connection as it arrives.